BROCKHAMPTON Bring Lucky Fan On Stage After Reddit Post About Going To Concert Alone

January 25, 2018
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BROCKHAMPTON Bring Lucky Fan On Stage After Reddit Post About Going To Concert Alone

A loyal BROCKHAMPTON fan and /r/BROCKHAMPTON user by the name of 2018IsBetterThan2017 (more compassionately known as Larry) got the surprise of his life last night at the group’s concert in Atlanta.

Before the event, Larry took to Reddit asking others to help him get hyped up to see Kevin Abstract and the gang by posting their favorite lyrics.

“Hey y’all I just moved to Atlanta and don’t know anyone and I’m hoping to Brockhampton concert in 30 minutes. Also no one knows how much I like Brockhampton so I’m pre-turning up by myself. Help me out and post your favorite lyrics,” he wrote.

During the concert, BROCKHAMPTON surprisingly started a “F*ck You Larry” chant that resulted in a mosh pit before calling him up to the stage.

“How does everyone know your name is Larry?” a user asked in a thread recapping the experience. “The group asked me and I yelled it at them. Then everyone yelled it at them. Then they said f*ck Larry and a mosh pit started. Then I was on the stage,” 2018IsBetterThan2017 explained.

Still puzzled by the “F*ck You Larry” chant, the lucky fan asked his fellow Redditors what the gesture was all about, to which one responded:

“They do that every time they make a new friend. It used to be tradition to chant ‘f*ck Kevin Abstract’ at every concert, and then they would add ‘f*ck (insert name here)’ referring to any other important people at the show. So, that means that you’re part of the team now! Congratulations, and f*ck you Larry!”

Larry also used the thread to provide video footage of him on stage with the group, which can be seen below.

You can join the conversation about last night’s concert here, just beware that BROCKHAMPTON is watching!

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