Cynthia Chinenye ‘Tasha’ Osajibenedict Come to Terms With Being An Author

May 25, 2021
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Osajibenedict knew she was meant to write, she always knew she wanted to tell stories but ever in this form. She would always say, what started as a rant on the unrealistic expectations for women in Nigeria and the heavily rooted patriarchy of her culture and society turned into a book.


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Osajibenedict perfectly aligns with the school of thought, that bias, discrimination, and second class treatment of women in Nigerian society needs to end, but more importantly, it needs to be addressed.

The scope of her writing is inspired by Nigerian society and history, including gender-based violence, politics, patriarchy, colonialism, corruption, culture, and abuse that rocked the Nigerian state consistently, and Nigerian political instability— tragedies that still have wide-reaching and enduring consequences on today’s society.

Her work recently released has garnered positive reviews all over Africa, and accolades.



Born on 6th May 1994, in Anambra State, Nigeria, Osajibenedict is the first of six children of an Igbo mother, Florence Okeke and the only daughter of Chidebeugo Osaji, an Igbo father.

Although her family’s ancestral home, Obosi is in Anambra State, Osajibenedict grew up in Lagos, in the rural areas where life was highly realistic and development bleak with each passing day.

Osajibenedict started her educational career at the Motherlove comprehensive college, then down to a government college, and back to a private school where age finished.

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Later, she went on to study political science at the Madonna University, Okija, graduating with distinction.

During her time there, she was the head of The News planning and production committee, a department in the organized press crew. She went on a year later, to become the Secretary of the organization.

For Osajibenedict, writing has always been therapeutic, as it helped her cope with her experiences and loss. She wrote articles for the press crew as well as blogging which she had done since she was 15.

Osajibenedict’s honest and fresh style of writing has drawn people in and her form of storytelling has garnered her over 4 million views on quora.


She’s never afraid to share her story, as she believes that someone, somewhere needs that story as a beacon of strength, something that has been very appealing for readers of her work.

Her book, Dear Naija Girl highlights the experiences of women and what it means to be female in Nigeria. Asides from sharing true life stories of several women, it also shares the struggles of women in Nigeria, the role men and society plays in it, why gender war should stop, a way forward, and the true meaning of feminism.


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