Drake Sues Woman Who Made False Pregnancy & Rape Claims

September 19, 2018
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Drake Sues Woman Who Made False Pregnancy & Rape Claims

Drake has filed a lawsuit against a woman who claims he got her pregnant last year, saying she’s hatched a baby scam and made false rape allegations against him to extort money from him.
As indicated by a report from TMZ, Drake is suing a lady who supposedly asserts he got her pregnant a year ago, saying she arranged the infant trick and made false assault claims against him too.

In the claim, acquired by TMZ, Drake claims he met Layla Lace a year ago amid his Boy Meets World Tour in Manchester, England. He says after one of his shows in February 2017, they snared at his inn where he says they had consensual sex and “Layla additionally intentionally and apparently cheerfully performed oral sex.”

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After not having the capacity to go out and about with him, Layla at that point made a “dream relationship” with him, which he didn’t have the “time or vitality to react” to and he says that set her off. So to exact revenge on him for sending her home, Layla posted on Instagram last April and out of the blue asserted she was pregnant, saying, “So I figure still in this period this is the new thing that after you tell a fella you pregnant they quit noting they phone!!!” According to the claim, she at that point debilitated to freely spill messages from Drake, which she followed through on when she went on Sirius XM and reported Drake got her pregnant.

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Layla obviously declined to take a paternity test and afterward her and her legal counselor went quiet. The 6 God says the entire thing was a trick. “There is no valid confirmation of pregnancy, nor any infant, which would have been conceived the previous Fall,” he said in the claim.

What’s more, when that didn’t work, Layla at that point exchanged strategies and went to experts in New York and asserted Drake had assaulted her amid their one-night stand. Drake included that at one point Layla contracted another legal advisor who requested cash or else they would make the assault grumbling open. The case was alluded to Manchester police, who talked with Drake and at last gathered him straight up.

Anyway as indicated by Drizzy, it wasn’t over after that. He says in the suit Layla at that point requested a great many dollars in return for quiet, yet much to her dismay it would all reverse discharge.

Drake is presently suing her for common blackmail, passionate trouble, extortion, maligning, and manhandle of process. We’ll keep on keeping you posted pushing ahead.

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