Missy Elliott Reasserts Her ‘2019’ Promise, Shares Snippet Of New Song

October 9, 2018
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Missy Elliott Reasserts Her ‘2019’ Promise, Shares Snippet Of New Song

A few days ago Missy Elliott began explaining her self-imposed exile from music in a Twitter read by hundreds of thousands. The post spoke of her fear of being misperceived by the “changing of the guard” after years spent away from her craft. By that token, it appears that Missy Elliott seems willing to accept change, even though she is, for the most part, set in her ways.

After receiving tons of encouragement from her fans over the past week, Missy Elliott has seemingly awakened her creative spirit, judging by the overwhelmingly positive sentiment her post has incited. Many of those fans even supplied her digital fan art, as a memo to her burgeoning spirit. The Missy lovefest amounted to her posting a 30-second snippet a new song she promises to fully unveil next year. The track tentatively titled “Cool Off” does exactly what it sets out to accomplish: “get yall asses DANCING AGAIN,” as she repeated once again.

Just ask this Missy megafan whom she tabbed the “Funky White Sister.” Aside from the ground support Missy Elliott has in great number, the impetus will be on her to improve on her record of late. But, I’m sure Misdemeanor Elliott is fully aware of her trappings, and how to steer clear. New Missy in 2019.. I’m intrigued.

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