Russ Is First Hip-Hop Artist To Go Platinum With No Features Or Production Help

October 9, 2018
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Russ Is First Hip-Hop Artist To Go Platinum With No Features Or Production Help

Russ over here doing things no other hip-bounce specialists have ever done.

Detest him or cherish him, you can’t deny the way that Russ is a really damn capable craftsman. You dislike the way conveys a chip on his shoulder or perhaps talks down on some more youthful rappers or what they rap about, however the ATL local is a one-man machine making graphing hits. For hell’s sake, a few people get frantic when Russ alludes to himself as a maker design lyricist rapper, which ANYONE would as well on the off chance that they could state all that, yet Russ carries on with that life no doubt. Actually, Russ is quite a lot more capable than what he gets kudos for that he’s unobtrusively getting things done in the hip-jump world that nobody has ever done previously. For example, Russ is purportedly the plain first craftsman in hip-bounce to run platinum without any highlights, while additionally dealing with the ENTIRE generation on the collection also. He did such an accomplishment on his most recent task, There’s Really A Wolf.

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This award was shared on Russ’ IG page Monday morning, before Hot 97’s Ebro gave him some acclaim and demonstrated love by reposting it also.

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Presently you may ponder J. Cole? He ran platinum without any highlights also, yet he didn’t deal with the undertaking’s ENTIRE generation. Obviously Cole did around 75% of his KOD collection and Forest Hills Drive, however not the full thing, making Russ the solitary “wolf” to achieve such an accomplishment.

Check out the IG posts (below) and congrats to Russ.

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