Assault and threat to life of Mrs Tosin Fadare by Mr Biodun and Mr Obikayo

May 18, 2021
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Criminal assault and threat to life of Mrs Tosin Fadare  by Mr Biodun  and Mr Obikayo

On the 13th of August, 2020, a call was received from Mr Obikayo  stating that Mrs Tosin Fadare wanted to leave her residence at Fadare Close, Opposite Ibadan North East Local Government, Ibadan to another house outside Ibadan and that her son should come home.
The son on getting home informed his legal practitioners that he saw his mother holding Mr Obikayo by the belt and he asked what transpired between them. His mother explained that Mr Obikayo forcefully restrained her from leaving the house and subsequently  hit her head against the floor in the process, insisting that she must not leave the house. 
The son in response to the situation told Mr Obikayo to leave the house and he subsequently put a call through to Constable Olaide Fadare of the Nigerian Police Force, Agodi-Gate Division who came to maintain peace at the house. The son also packed the belongings of Mr Obikayo and put them outside the house. Mr Obikayo arrived some minutes later in the company of Mr Biodun Lawal to pack his belongings. 
So Mr Obikayo and Mr Biodun observed the police man for a while and left. The son then told the police man, Mr Olaide (who was not on uniform) not to tell them the reason he was brought to the house so they won’t be suspicious that they were attempting to commit murder.
Below is as clip showing one of the accused in a vehicle close to the house:
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