Gad The Screamer – Fish

January 16, 2023
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Singer-songwriter and rapper Gad The Screamer has just released his first single for the year. The song , titled FISH, is another addition to an extensive collection of songs by Gad The Screamer .


In #FishByGAD, the ghost-songwriter who is also an author, stuck to his ability to weave words, dig deep into human emotions other than love, women and sex, and was still able to make us move on our feet, as is expected of mainstream afrobeats sounds.

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“What I want to do this year is to pass the right messages in my songs and prove to people that we can dance, make afrobeats without necessarily talking about a woman’s body, love or other clichê themes”, says the ‘Booty Holiday’ crooner.

“As a songwriter for other artistes, I’ve noticed that most of my clients find it really hard to create songs that aren’t about women or sex, so I think it’s best we make it evident that the creative space can do a lot in this area, especially in an era where there is a lot of conversation going on about misogyny, passing the right messages in songs and basically, having songwriters who are eclectic, lyrically and otherwise. #FishByGAD is one way that I intend to do that”, Gad continues.

“It may not be what others think makes any sense but then, all of us are fish, we swim how we want, don’t we?” he asked while laughing making references to the lyrics of his new song, #FishByGAD .

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On wether he has tried this approach before, Odogwu (his surname), replied: “Sure, I did it in my Love Songs Are Trash album, now I intend to make every song I put out this year be songs that don’t talk about women or other such silly themes that seem to be the bases of nearly 97% of the songs we churn out these days”.

‘FISH’ by Gad The Screamer is certainly a vibe and has been placed on about 10 Spotify playlists in the first twenty minutes of its release. Enjoy with the link below.


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