Monica Thinks Kanye West & Donald Trump’s Bromance Isn’t Worth It

October 10, 2018
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Monica Thinks Kanye West & Donald Trump’s Bromance Isn’t Worth It

Kanye West‘s appreciation for Donald Trump has him looking like an outlier; there are more flat-Earthers than Trump supporters in hip-hop. In any case, that hasn’t stopped Yeezy from doing his damndest to bridge political gaps, and for the most part, his efforts all doing little to move his peers. Now, with a White House meeting slated in Kanye’s schedule for Thursday, Monica has offered her thoughts on the whole debacle. Suffice it to say, she’s not entirely impressed.

TMZ managed to catch up with the singer, who didn’t exactly mince words when asked about Yeezy’s relationship with Donald Trump. Though Yeezy will reportedly be covering topics like prison reform and gang violence during his Trump meeting, Monica wonders if the results will prove worthwhile. “He has to reassess this entire relationship,” says Monica. “A lot of times it’s not what you do and how you do it. How he’s gone about it has been very conflicting and it’s left people to not even hear what he’s saying.”

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“I hope that whatever he says in the meeting helps somebody, but at this point, this whole relationship needs to be assessed and completely demolished,” she continues. When presented with a gentle counter-argument, Monica admits that Kim Kardashian may have helped free Alice Marie Johnson, but she never should have been behind bars in the first place. “His stance has been very different from hers,” says Monica. “People group you together cause you’re married, but we don’t know what they talk about behind closed doors.”

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