Teriza and Bolanle: VASA’s Double Dose Debut Hits

September 4, 2023
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Meet FREEDOM ALI known professionally as VASA, the new sensation rippling through Nigeria’s music scene. With a knack for unique tunes, he’s not just another Act, he’s the embodiment of a supersonic boom. Catchy, energetic, and impossible to ignore.

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His music, rich with diverse influences, tells captivating stories that seize the heart and resonate with listeners. Whether it’s the infectious rhythm of his performances, passion and rendition or the engaging charm he brings off-stage, VASA is more than just a musician—he’s a vibe. The music is his playground, and with every performance, he invites the audience into his electrifying world.

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VASA’s journey is just beginning, but it’s clear he’s here to leave a mark. So, buckle up and open your ears, because this new kid on the block isn’t just playing tunes, he’s redefining the sound of music—one supersonic beat at a time.


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