Who Is Mide Ajayi?

June 17, 2021
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Mide Ajayi is a tenacious mind, a unique creative who’s ambitious, God fearing and kind. Besides his interesting personality,

Mide Ajayi is a talent manager with a daring sense of humor and the owner of Superbold magazine as well as founder of District Youths.

He is the second son of a family of 7 from the western part of Nigeria, that is very passionate about giving back to the society and creating opportunities for others around him to thrive; hence the vision behind his latest project- District Youth.

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District Youth is an initiative set to create platforms, opportunities that will inspire and connect the visionary youth on a journey of self discovery and personal development built with acquired skills that will prepare the youths for the future.

Quickie: learn more about District Youth here.

When asked; what made you start District Youth? 

He said;

“Growing up, I saw episodes where people around me wanted to learn a skill but were unable to afford it, because the cost of learning the skill was almost as much as what the families needed for support. That broke my heart even more…

So when I was in ss2, I thought to myself;

I want to be my own boss.

And I began to actively seek out opportunities that would enable me achieve this goal, eventually I graduated high school and got admitted into higher institution.

As we all know, the Nigerian educational system isn’t such a firm one and we had to deal with a lot of strikes while in school, during that infamous 6 months strike,

I got myself into working with different people in the industry which gave me a lot of platforms to start my career and Superbold professionally.

Quickie: Superbold is digital magazine with three printed editionsSee their lastest feature with Steff London Here.

I believe the youths hold the key to unlocking Nigeria’s economic potential and that is why I created this initiative District Youth so Youths can connect, network, be inspired and motivated to be the change they wish to see in their future. And this is not a task for only one man or a handful, it is a collective effort.

Therefore I urge everyone who has the capability to make this platform thrive to join me and make the youths great again.


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